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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Essential Pre and Post workout meals!

Hey all :) I'm very often asked what i eat before workout and after workout. So I'm will try and write some of the most usual foods i eat, with the best results in my opinion. 

1)To start its essential to load yourself with carbs before workout workout.Carbs as i mentioned in one of my previous articles Basic about carbs are the ingredient that gives you strenght during your training and throughout the day!

2)After workout its also essential to eat carbs and protein. Carbs will help you regain your lost energy, while they are easily absorbed after your workout.Try to eat carbs with no extra sugar fats like chocolate and prefer carbs from foods like rice full of dietary fibers.Protein will help you with muscle recovery so that your muscles recover faster and become stronger with time.

-->With that being said im gonna post what i do and what i eat :) I will divide them into Post and Pre foods but to tell you the truth some of them i eat them post and pre so will not mention them twice!!

Pre Workout : Im not a fan of pre-workout supplements so NO pre-workout supplements just pre-workout foods..(With enough feedback i can also write an article about them).Also before workout i eat lighter that after cause i dont want my system to be distracted to my stomach than my muscles. 

Bananas : I eat 1 banana cause its an energy Bomb :) Carbs,Easily digested and with no fats thats what you want to eat :

Toasted bread with honey or just a spoon of honey : Eat 1-2 pieces and you will facing Beast mode ;)
Toasted Bread
Honey Spoon

Sesame seed with honey (Pasteli) : Thats THE Bomb...Full with carbs calories and Protein. But dont get my wrong eat only 1/2 or 1/4 otherwise you are gonna get heavy during your workout.

Post Workout: Eat your Brains out!! Just fill yourself with foods your system need it.

So im also eating Bananas: 

Sesame seed with Honey(pasteli) again.. : This time eat it all !! Enjoy it..Let the carbs and the protein inside your system.Get it pumped and add those calories.They are easily digested and your body will be thankful!!

Yogurt: That's right eat 200g of 2% fat yogurt and you got your proteins for the night:

Eggs : Of Course Eggs!! Again and again!!

Rice: A bowl of rice will get you going for hours and its perfect for your body to recover.

Protein Shake: Yes you can take supplements but nothing is like food. So keep that in mind (Definately will make an article on this one ).

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useful link with nutrition information-->Nutrition Facts

Monday, May 19, 2014

Capoeira in Greece Ierissos Part 2 !!

So its here :) My second capoeira video solo from Ierisso!! I did some extra video editing for a better result and im getting better at it :) Hoppe you enjoy it !!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Jacobina Arte Batizado in Larisa !!

So what is Batizado?? 

Batizado” literally means baptism.

 In Capoeira, a batizado is an initiation ceremony where students have the opportunity to demonstrate their skill alongside advanced students in the Capoeira roda and be taken to the ground by a master or advanced student in celebration of their membership within their respective group or association...

Though all school members traditionally participate in the Batizado and Troca de Cordas event, a Capoeira student has only one batizado. Students receiving new colored cord rankings take part in the troca de cordas, or changing of cords ceremony, that accompanies the batizado. 
Schools hosting a batizado will often invite multiple mestres, instructors, and graduated students to visit their event and participate in seminars, rodas, performances, and the batizado itself. Batizados give both students and teachers alike the opportunity to share knowledge, ideas, and movements, as well as interact with, learn from, and play Capoeiristas from other schools and groups. 
It is universally recognized in Capoeira that traveling to different events and gaining experience training and playing with different groups and masters is very beneficial, if not integral to the development of a Capoeira player. Most groups strongly encourage and even require students to travel to different batizados once they reach an advanced rank. 
So here is a video of my personal experience in Larisas 1st Batizado of groupo Jacobina Arte. We meet several capoeirastas with great skills and had the pleasure to play with them :) So check it out 

Original Article :

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

What to eat between your main meals Part 1

So people ask me all the time what do i eat through out the day in order to have energy and maintain my weight and my gains. Also what i eat is a great way to lose weight and also get the most out of your food. I'm talking about protein,carbs,vitamins and minerals

To begin with after 2-3 hours of my breakfast i eat fruits- Bananas to get energy,Apples,oranges and basically every fruit that's in my fridge :) I usually eat 2-3 fruits a time. That way i get my vitamins,energy,fibers and I'm filling full :) 

 Now after 2-3 hours after midday meal and depending whether i will or not go to the gym i eat something that will keep me through the day. So I'm eating toasted bread (φριγανιες) with honey, turkey slices 1-2, a boiled egg or fruits again :P 

You see its not about variety and im sorry for that but thats something that keeps me in program. I know what to buy and what i dont have. I will write and a second article on that with more foods :) Stay tuned :) Leave your comments below !!

Check out this page about nutrition facts for all the foods. Click this link ---> Nutrition Facts Link