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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Ideal Breakfast

For me there is this ideal morning.. The most important meal that everyone forgets is the breakfast..It must be something that can give you energy to start your day :)
My personal favourite and an all time classic is a bowl of oats or cerial with many fiber. I mix them with greek yogurt of 2% fat or milk of 2% ofc :) My choice is always yogurt (costs more) but does it makes you feel full.. I also add some nuts and a 1/4 of spoon honey!! Some times to add up calories i mix it with a bananna. Also mornings are the perfect hour to take protein supplements .So you have protein,carbs and fiber to start the day :)  And let the number speak we have yogurt 200g has 19.2 g protein (kinda high) and 7,6 g carb and my cerial about 5.1 g protein and 24.5 g carbs.
                           So tell me whats your ideal breakfast?? :) Im interested in your opinions.


  1. oatmeal with 1,5 fat milk is also good!especially if you add to it banannas and/or peanuts and honey.sometimes also i like to add a glair of eggs or adds protein and it's not that noticeable!

  2. Yes thats an equally great breakfast :) Sometimes variety counts so i will give it a try!! Thank you for your comment.

  3. oatmeal with 250 ml low fat milk and one spoon honey!!also 250 ml low fat milk with one scoop isolate whey