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Monday, May 12, 2014

Jacobina Arte Batizado in Larisa !!

So what is Batizado?? 

Batizado” literally means baptism.

 In Capoeira, a batizado is an initiation ceremony where students have the opportunity to demonstrate their skill alongside advanced students in the Capoeira roda and be taken to the ground by a master or advanced student in celebration of their membership within their respective group or association...

Though all school members traditionally participate in the Batizado and Troca de Cordas event, a Capoeira student has only one batizado. Students receiving new colored cord rankings take part in the troca de cordas, or changing of cords ceremony, that accompanies the batizado. 
Schools hosting a batizado will often invite multiple mestres, instructors, and graduated students to visit their event and participate in seminars, rodas, performances, and the batizado itself. Batizados give both students and teachers alike the opportunity to share knowledge, ideas, and movements, as well as interact with, learn from, and play Capoeiristas from other schools and groups. 
It is universally recognized in Capoeira that traveling to different events and gaining experience training and playing with different groups and masters is very beneficial, if not integral to the development of a Capoeira player. Most groups strongly encourage and even require students to travel to different batizados once they reach an advanced rank. 
So here is a video of my personal experience in Larisas 1st Batizado of groupo Jacobina Arte. We meet several capoeirastas with great skills and had the pleasure to play with them :) So check it out 

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