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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

What to eat between your main meals Part 1

So people ask me all the time what do i eat through out the day in order to have energy and maintain my weight and my gains. Also what i eat is a great way to lose weight and also get the most out of your food. I'm talking about protein,carbs,vitamins and minerals

To begin with after 2-3 hours of my breakfast i eat fruits- Bananas to get energy,Apples,oranges and basically every fruit that's in my fridge :) I usually eat 2-3 fruits a time. That way i get my vitamins,energy,fibers and I'm filling full :) 

 Now after 2-3 hours after midday meal and depending whether i will or not go to the gym i eat something that will keep me through the day. So I'm eating toasted bread (φριγανιες) with honey, turkey slices 1-2, a boiled egg or fruits again :P 

You see its not about variety and im sorry for that but thats something that keeps me in program. I know what to buy and what i dont have. I will write and a second article on that with more foods :) Stay tuned :) Leave your comments below !!

Check out this page about nutrition facts for all the foods. Click this link ---> Nutrition Facts Link

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