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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

SEXercise ;)

 So its final our first Poll is over :) Here are the results

As you can see most of you Answered Sex as your favourite type of workout!! So here is an article to prove you that sex can be an effective exercise :) 

Who said that only by working your asses out is going to help keeping fit? Sex does too! People don't usually know about the beneficial effects of it, so I decided to enlighten this topic, shrouded in mystery.

 First of all by having sex you make a lot of your body muscles work because of the variety of positions. As a result, you keep your body in shape due to the fact that a large number of calories gets burnt.

Furthermore, in men - body testosterone levels increase. This means that the next day they are going to have more strength during the workout. So sex for us is something like a natural steroid. Not only is it a testo-booster but it also builds up stamina! Sex is a strong cardio exercise which can improve the endurance of our heart. When he have "sexy time" our heart beats faster so we burn fat! 

Finally, it's important to make clear that sex is a way of communication between a male and a female, it establishes in a way the "domination" of the man on the woman, in other words it gives to males what they want to feel and of course to females. It fills them with a sense of safety in their man's hands. This process is very significant for the psychological and mental health for both sexes.

In conclusion it would be good to point out that having sex is good and nice and natural BUT we must do this responsibly(using condoms). So now that you know a little bit more about sex...have fun and don't forget working out cannot replace sex, it can only make it better ;)

What you think about it ?? Write your comments and share your opinions.

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