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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Fat Burning Anatomy and Useful Tips

Fat let it burn...
Fat Burning Analysis

"How can I lose weight?" people usually ask. That's a very interesting question we can easily answer, the only thing we have to do is to change the word "weight" with the word "fat".

 Losing weight is easily done by losing muscle mass when we don't eat properly, by sweating and urinating(water) and by burning fat. The last solution is what we should pursuit. So "how can I burn fat?". In order to achieve that goal we must know that fat burning is a process which gets initiated by our body's requirement for energy. This happens when the amount of the carbs we have taken gets burnt. For example when you run and the energy source provided from carbs gets depleted, your body starts burning fat in order to cover its needs. So we can understand that it's essential to workout performing cardio exercises and of course to restrict the carb portion

Finally, we should know that exercising is not enough if not followed by an effective and right eating schedule.
A right diet is the 60% of your whole effort while the exercising the 40%!

I'm giving you some of my tips below, which I hope they will help you.
Fat Burning Tips

  1. Run! Put your trainers on and go the distance! Keep jogging on a standard pace without ups and downs!
  2. Eat every 3 hours in order to boost your metabolism!
  3. Drink 7-9 l of water daily!
  4. Lift! Weight exercises help you lose fat, the more intensive the more fat you burn!
  5. Give junk food up! 
  6. Give sweet up!
  7. Give sugar up, replace it with sugar substitutes such as stevia!
  8. Never eat big meals before bedtime! A lettuce salad with yogurt will be the best choice!
  9. Be patient and insistent! 

Don't forget "No pain, no gain!" You may exhaust yourself, while the others relax their asses on a couch drinking coffee, but don't give up...There's always a summer waiting in the end of the road!!!


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